Windows 10: Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Edge is Windows 10’s new browser that is supposedly the replacement for the ignored Internet Explorer. And so far, Microsoft Edge has turned some heads for some of its features such as the incorporation of drawing on webpages that can be connected to Onenote.

How to Create Web Notes/Drawings

  1. After launching Microsoft Edge, select the notepad icon on the to-right of the browser on the Menu bar. This will pull in Web Note’s new purple function menu across the address bar.windowsp1,1
  2. On the top-left, you can now find the basic controls: opaque (solid) marker, a transparent highlighter, eraser, add a note and screenclip. You can also choose the colour of each by clicking the appropriate icon the second time to launch the colour picker. Clicking the eraser tool will turn the cursor into a cross-hair icon and you just click in the approximate location of the page, where you want your note to sit.
  3. When you are done, choose the disk icon on the top0right to save your web note, or the link-circle icon to share it with others.


Advanced Settings

In Edge, you can choose whether to switch on Adobe Flash Player, or replacing Bing as the default address bar search option. To access settings, click on the ellipses at the top-right corner of the menu bar. Choose settings, and then scroll down until you see Advanced Settings. You will now be able to change multiple settings.


Sharing Web Pages

The Edge browser has an integrated sharing feature with a Share button on its toolbar. Clicking on the Share button will pop-up a list of platforms that allows you to be shared to. There is also an option to take a screenshot of the page, rather than linking the page.


Reading View

Like most browsers nowadays, there is an option to switch to reading view, which removes the clutter from websites, and makes it easier to read. To activate this, click on the icon that resembles a “Book” to go into “Reading View”. Below is an image that showcases the difference between normal view and reading view.


Reading List

The Reading List option is essentially Microsoft Edge’s “bookmarking” system that allows you to read articles later. To access this feature, click on the Star icon in the toolbar.



Microsoft Edge is a worthy successor to the previous Internet Explorer, and it would beneficial for Microsoft to continue improving this browser for use, allowing it to be easily integrated with the Windows system to improve efficiency.

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