Excel Tips to Save Time in Financial Calculations: Part 4 (Moving Average)

Moving averages are used to help get a clearer picture of the data, particularly to find values in a dta series that are not congruent with the surrounding ones. Excel’s Analysis Toolpak will allow you to do this with its Moving Average feature.   Calculating a Moving Average manually Calculating averages on your own is […]

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Excel Tips to Save Time in Financial Calculations: Part 1 (PMT, NPER, PV functions)

Calculating whether you are financial capable can be a hassle when it comes to manually doing it or doing it inefficiently with Excel. In this guide, you will learn about the easily-understandable financial functions that will efficiently perform precise calculations. These functions will be very useful when deciding on a loan, and whether you are […]

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Top 3 MOOC sites you do not want to miss

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has a humble beginning about 7 years ago now has become one of the most successful education initiate that has benefited many people from all over the world. This initiate continues to gather momentum with thousands of universities and other higher education institutions joined in over time. Coursera is definitely […]

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