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Excel Tips to Save Time in Financial Calculations: Part 6 (Scenarios)

From the previous part of this course, we learned about the usefulness of Solver Add-In and how it can be used to calculate complex problems that involve multiple constraints. We also named these constraints (the “simulation”) as “2X Product B + 10 of each”. However, if I want multiple scenarios or multiple “simulations” with different […]

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Excel Tips to Save Time in Financial Calculations: Part 5 (SOLVER add-in)

The Solver Add-In is especially useful in analyzing complex problems that have multiple variables and constraints (which are rules that limits the range of values a cell/cells may contain). From my point of view, this is one of the most useful functions that are hidden in Excel because you need load the Solver add-in into […]

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Top 3 MOOC sites you do not want to miss

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has a humble beginning about 7 years ago now has become one of the most successful education initiate that has benefited many people from all over the world. This initiate continues to gather momentum with thousands of universities and other higher education institutions joined in over time. Coursera is definitely […]

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