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Python Q&A – Classes, Error Handling and I/O

Question 1: Accessing a Dictionary Dictionaries are iterable objects that store associations between ‘keys’ and values, which allow extraction of specific data by entering the specific key of the dictionary. Let’s say a dictionary: Meat = { ‘chicken’: 0, ‘beef’: 1, ‘pork’: 2} To extract the value of chicken, we would type Meat[‘chicken’] to get […]

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Python Q&A – Classes and Objects

Question 1: Using Range Python has a built in function range, which returns an iterable sequence of numbers. Task: Write a function sum_range(start, end) which uses range to return the sum of the numbers from start up to, but not including, end. (Including start but excluding end is the default behaviour of range.) Write a […]

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Happy New Year and Goals for 2017

Like all New Years, everyone will have numerous New Years resolutions they want to fulfil, and for me, I want to continue delivering useful tips and tricks for free to everyone. 2016 was an enjoyable year and I hope there is more to come in 2017. There will be many exciting posts and projects ahead […]

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Firefox: Disabling Pocket plugin

In the recent updates of Firefox, a service – Pocket (saves pages for reading later) was installed. You can either hide this functionality or disable it entirely. To hide the Pocket plugin, navigate to the toolbar, right-click the Pocket icon  and select Remove from Toolbar.   To unhide the Pocket plugin, navigate to the Open Menu icon […]

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Mastering PivotTables: Part 14 (Conditional Formatting in PivotTables)

Conditional formatting helps you visually explore and analyse data, detect critical issues/problems, and allows you to identify pattern and trends in the data. It is important to understand the differences when using conditional formatting on a PivotTable. There are three methods for scoping the conditional format of fields in the Values area: by selection, by […]

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