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Python Q&A – Classes, Error Handling and I/O

Question 1: Accessing a Dictionary Dictionaries are iterable objects that store associations between ‘keys’ and values, which allow extraction of specific data by entering the specific key of the dictionary. Let’s say a dictionary: Meat = { ‘chicken’: 0, ‘beef’: 1, ‘pork’: 2} To extract the value of chicken, we would type Meat[‘chicken’] to get […]

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Python Q&A – Classes and Objects

Question 1: Using Range Python has a built in function range, which returns an iterable sequence of numbers. Task: Write a function sum_range(start, end) which uses range to return the sum of the numbers from start up to, but not including, end. (Including start but excluding end is the default behaviour of range.) Write a […]

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Happy New Year and Goals for 2017

Like all New Years, everyone will have numerous New Years resolutions they want to fulfil, and for me, I want to continue delivering useful tips and tricks for free to everyone. 2016 was an enjoyable year and I hope there is more to come in 2017. There will be many exciting posts and projects ahead […]

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Firefox: Disabling Pocket plugin

In the recent updates of Firefox, a service – Pocket (saves pages for reading later) was installed. You can either hide this functionality or disable it entirely. To hide the Pocket plugin, navigate to the toolbar, right-click the Pocket icon  and select Remove from Toolbar.   To unhide the Pocket plugin, navigate to the Open Menu icon […]

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Mastering PivotTables: Part 14 (Conditional Formatting in PivotTables)

Conditional formatting helps you visually explore and analyse data, detect critical issues/problems, and allows you to identify pattern and trends in the data. It is important to understand the differences when using conditional formatting on a PivotTable. There are three methods for scoping the conditional format of fields in the Values area: by selection, by […]

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Word Page Formatting: Part 4 (Specific Page Setups for Sections – Controlling Margins)

Controlling the margins of specific pages is not really a major aspect in page formatting. Even though you can set specific margins for different pages, it is not important and sometimes useless because most documents you would want would require a consistent margin size. However, I will still show you how to adjust the margins […]

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Word Page Formatting: Part 3 (Specific Page Setups for Sections – Controlling Orientation)

Controlling the orientation of specific pages is a frustrating thing to do if you do not know how to do it properly. A common user would only just navigate to the Page Layout tab and just change the orientation, but the result would change the orientation of the whole document, rather than the orientation of […]

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